It’s The Little Things

The words Travel Size, Trial Size, Free Samples and Try Me Kit get me all twitterpated. (Twitter was a word before the social media app.) I find it hard to commit to a full-size, often pricey product that I may not like or get bored with. Using the travel or trial sizes of products gives me a chance to see if I like a product enough to pony up for the full size.

One great use of my mini product stash is when travelling. The TSA regulations require all liquid, gels, creams to be under 3oz. and all fit in one quart sized plastic bag. Having smaller sizes of my toiletries makes this easy.  I carry my toiletries in my carry-on even when checking a bag in case my luggage gets lost. (On our Honeymoon our luggage went to England 24 hours ahead of us! Thankfully I had my toiletries and a good-ish attitude.)


Where do I get my fix of deluxe samples and travel sizes?  With every purchase Sephora includes 3 free samples and often on the weekly specials page there are full kits for purchase or free with a minimum order. Ulta also has the 3 free samples rule. Both of the retailers have trial or travel size products for sale online or near their registers.  Even more exciting than hunting down small sizes is my subscription to Birchbox. For only $10 a month I am sent a sweetly packaged collection of products – sometimes even full size – to try.  I always love coming home to my “presents” on Birchbox day!  Having a subscription has given me the opportunity to try products that I didn’t necessarily know were out there. One example is Supergoop City Sunscreen – I loved the sample so much I immediately bought a full-size tube.  Other favorites from Birchbox packages are Amika Dry Shampoo, Living Proof Hair Serum, and Stainiac Lip Stain from The Balm. I was recently able to make great use of a teeny quad of Coastal Scents eyes shadow on my trip to Prague – its only the size of a book of matches (mini mini) and is plenty of eye shadow for several looks – I will be taking this little gem to China in April!


You can subscribe for your own box of goodies at Birchbox!  I think this would make a great gift or care package for a daughter or a friend.

Do you love little sizes? Where do you go to build up your sample stash?




My Lucky Life

Hi, I’m Julia and this is my lucky life. I love to travel, cook, spend time with my family and learn about whatever tickles my ADD fancy at the time. (Not mocking ADD, I have been diagnosed. I find it generally a blessing and occasionally a curse.)

I have had friends say to me, “Oh, you are SO lucky!”  I will agree – I am. I have a husband who loves and supports me (sometimes in hairbrained schemes) how lucky is that? I have two handsome, sweet teenage sons that give me enough grief to keep me going grey but not so much that I don’t know I am the luckiest mom alive.

I thought a blog might be a nice place to collect my thoughts, scattered though they may be.



Julia & Paul

(This is a recent picture of me and my handsome hubby.)